Visit the subtle beauty of The Galapagos Islands.

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We`re delighted to have you here amid to one of the world wonders: Galapagos!

Why Galapagos Catamarans ?

catamaran ("cat" for short) is a multihulled vessel consisting of two parallel hulls of equal size. A catamaran is geometry-stabilized, that is, it derives its stability from its wide beam, rather than having a ballasted keel like a monohull.

Being ballast-free and lighter than a monohull, a catamaran can have a very shallow draught. The two hulls will be much finer than a monohull's, the reduced drag allowing faster speeds in some conditions, although the high wetted surface area is detrimental in lower wind speeds. A sailing multihull will heel much less than a sailing monohull of the same length, so on a windward course its sails spill less wind and are more efficient.

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Galapagos weather & Galapagos wildlife Galapagos month by month.

  • January

      • Española’s marine iguanas get a bright coloring to attract mates.
      • Marine and land iguanas courtship period.
      • Green sea turtles start laying eggs.
      • Hatching of Giant tortoises eggs’.
      Weather: wet and humid.



    • Greater flamingos start nesting on Floreana Island.
    • Marine iguanas nest on Santa Cruz Island.
    • Penguins migrate away from Bartolomé Island to cooler waters of Isabela and Fernandina Island.
    Weather:  Rainy season.


  • March

          • Marine Iguanas nest on Fernandina and North Seymour Islands.
          • Frigate birds mating season starts on San Cristóbal and Genovesa islands.
          • Weather: wet and humid.
          Perfect time for snorkeling.

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