Visit the subtle beauty of The Galapagos Islands.

Mindo Cloud Forest Day ToursWe`re delighted to have you here amid to one of the world wonders: Galapagos!

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Why Galapagos Catamarans ?

catamaran ("cat" for short) is a multihulled vessel consisting of two parallel hulls of equal size. A catamaran is geometry-stabilized, that is, it derives its stability from its wide beam, rather than having a ballasted keel like a monohull.

Being ballast-free and lighter than a monohull, a catamaran can have a very shallow draught. The two hulls will be much finer than a monohull's, the reduced drag allowing faster speeds in some conditions, although the high wetted surface area is detrimental in lower wind speeds. A sailing multihull will heel much less than a sailing monohull of the same length, so on a windward course its sails spill less wind and are more efficient.

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Galapagos weather & Galapagos wildlife Galapagos month by month.

  • April

      • Rainy season comes to an end.
      • Water temperature is the highest.
      • Sea turtles, marine iguanas and land iguanas nesting.
        Waved albatross come back to Española Island and begin nesting.
      Due to the lack of rain during the months of April and May the arid zone changes from green to brown, only the highlands remain green.



    • Waved albatross lay eggs on Española Island.
    • Blue-footed boobies begin their world-known courtship.
    Weather: fine and clear.


  • June

          • Whale sharks could be seen in the northwestern islands toward the end of the month.
          • Santa Cruz giant tortoises migrate to lowlands searching for good nesting-places.
          • Humpback whales can be seen around the islands.
          Weather:  misty and it starts the “dry season” known for its blue skies and mid-day showers.

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